A commercial vehicle wrap is a term used to represent any vehicle graphic that is being used as part of a business’ marketing, promotion and/or advertising objectives. Commercial vehicle wraps prove to be an effective business promotion strategy, as they combine the key elements of marketing and branding into one convenient and proven solution. Another benefit, which adds to the mix, is that vehicle wraps are high impact, cost effective and they work for almost all types of businesses.

Vehicle wraps are, in essence, the Art and Science of transforming your car, van or truck into a Mobile Billboard. Vehicle wrapping is covering the whole or part of the vehicle’s bodywork in a digitally printed vinyl wrap, transforming the look of your vehicle into a head-turning piece of art. In simple words, vehicle wrapping is wrapping a vehicle with the special designs or ads of a company.

Vehicle wrapping has become essential for business promotion, and the chief reasons according to industry experts are affordability and effectiveness. Many big brands are using commercial vehicle wraps for business promotion and are quite successful in reaching their target audience.


Benefits of graphics vehicle wrap

Color change vinyl wraps is a color protection plastic layer installed directly into a vehicle’s paint, designed to customize the appearance of your vehicle, and protect it from scratches, uv rates, and weather hazards that would contaminate and deteriorate your vehicle’s paint over time.  It comes in many different colors, finishes and textures making it easy to find the perfect fit for your unique personality.

Vehicle Wraps Grab Attention

A well-designed vehicle wrap grabs the attention of any individual walking or driving by. Whether you are stopped at a light, or driving on the freeway your vehicle will turn heads.

Vehicle Wraps Are Mobile

Every time your company vehicle is being driven, your business is gaining more exposure than any other traditional advertising services just by driving your vehicle. Your design would be seen by thousands of people everywhere you go.

Vehicle Wraps Are Cost Effective

Using a vehicle wraps as an advertising method is one of the most cost effective method because wraps have a one time upfront cost and very little maintenance, Premium Vinyl with a professional installation is also made to withstand the elements, so even if severe weather is common in your area, your vehicle wrap will look great for many years.

Graphics Vinyl Wrap Common Coverage

full commercial wrap

Full Vehicle Wraps

If you are looking for a head-turning, full-color marketing tool that you can take anywhere, full-color vehicle wraps are the right choice. With seamless application and perfectly aligned designs, we convert your entire vehicle into an attractive and colorful marketing display.
We assist with full wrap planning, design, production, and installation. We understand the importance of highlighting your most important aspects, such as your phone number and business name, and provide recommendations for size, placement, and overall design.

Partial Vehicle Wrap

Partial vehicle wraps and graphics are specific to a desired area of your vehicle targeted for promotion. You can pick one or multiple panels to accomplish your desired effect. Partial wraps can be applied to doors, bumpers, side panels, hoods, or tailgates, or even the roof of your vehicle, if so desired or required.
Since partial wraps cover entire panels, their application is relatively seamless. However, there may be differences in color and in fading when the wrap is removed as the parts of your vehicle that aren’t covered with the protective wrap material may experience damage or wear at a faster rate.

AvCustomWraps Bay Area Best Car Wrap services
AvCustomWraps Bay Area Best Car Wrap services

Cut Vinyl Graphics

Cut vinyl graphics and lettering makes it easy to add a customized or quick message to your vehicle at any time. As individual elements, they are easier to replace and upgrade than full wraps, and are a less expensive alternative for those seeking a quick solution.
Since vinyl graphics are individually applied, they don’t provide any type of protection beyond the image or letters themselves. While this can give you greater flexibility for future design modifications and adjustments, it is best utilized for simple messages such as logos, basic information, and minimal text for best impact.

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The first and most important steps when getting your vehicle wrap would be your design, your vehicle design would need to be created on a scaled template of the actual vehicle you are looking to get wrap, this would insure all placement of graphics and information its placed on the best spot to be readable and not get cut off for any of the vehicles elements such as door handles plastics or vehicle emblems.

Our experienced and talented group of designers will walk you through the design process. They will work closely with you to create the initial graphic design proof of concept. Our designers will then present the proof of concept for your vehicle wrap and then provide three rounds of design modifications to tweak the design exactly to your liking.

3m vinyl wrap commercial design
AvCustomWraps Bay Area Best Car Wrap services

Print At AV Custom Wraps

We are Bay Area’s 3M Certified in house graphics manufacturer production and installation center, all our graphics are printed and produced with the best materials from 3M and Printed with the highest technology available for graphics production.

Once your design has been completed and signed off, we will send your design to our commercial grade printers that are specially designed to print rich colors down to the slightest detail on 60″ wide rolls of vinyl wrap. For a full vehicle wrap, the graphics will come in several sheets of vinyl known as panels. These panels will later be expertly lined up on the vehicle during installation to make a complete vehicle wrap.

Professional Installation

The final step in the graphics wrap process is the vinyl installation. Once the design has been signed off, the vinyl panels printed, and the vehicle is cleaned and prepped, our certified vinyl installers will carefully match each printed vinyl panel on your vehicle and install the graphics one panel at a time. Each panel will be treated with the utmost care to ensure there are no bubbles or creases and every corner and edge is tucked in a way that will ensure it will stay in place.

AvCustomWraps Bay Area Best Car Wrap services

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