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At AV Custom Wraps we specialize in EVTOL Aircraft, helicopters,  shuttle and prototype wraps.

One of the biggest concerns when developing a flying vehicle is its weight. We are aware of that and have been providing services and expertise to many different EVTOL companies around the bay area.


helicopter vinyl wrap
Aircraft custom wrap
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Using vinyl wrap as a color alternative besides paint come with many advantages,
Such as weight reduction, turn around, time, heat reduction, water resistance,
Chemical resistance, and weather hazards.

Weight Reduction

vinyl would only weight A few grams per square foot compared with paint that would weigh about 12 pounds per gallon.

Turn around time

Compared with any paint process that would take 3 - 4 weeks depending on vehicle size, Not only that but also all the time and logistic applied to move the vehicle from one location to another, By Vinyl wrapping your vehicle would reduce turnaround time about 80% and save all the time and logistic needed to

Heat Reduction

With a significant UV rejection technology, vinyl wrap provides a noticeable Improving heat reduction for all interior components.

Water Proof

Vinyl wrap it's completely waterproof and it would seal and protect your Surface or interior components from any water exposure.

Chemical Resistance

Resists mild alkalis, mils acids, and salt

Excellent resistance to water

Resists occasional fuel spill

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